Planning For the Financial Future of a Person with a Disability

If you are a parent, spouse or primary caregiver of a person with a disability, you have very likely experienced some anxious moments wondering what will happen if you become incapacitated or pre-decease the family member with a disability.

You need to know the answers to such questions as:

  • How can I make sure their best interests will remain a top priority?
  • How can I provide excellent care and supervision for their lifetime, especially when I am not able?
  • How can I make sure that governmental benefits will be maintained?
  • How can I provide for those personal and fun needs that aren't covered by governmental needs?
  • How can I insure that funds will be managed properly?
  • How can I be sure our overall estate planning will effectively work for everyone's needs?
  • How I provide a smooth transition of care to others, when I am not able to be the primary care giver?
  • How can I guarantee dignified final arrangements?

At Disability Planning Specialists we can help answer your questions.

Our mission is dedicated in providing one stop comprehensive Life Planning to families of persons with disabilities to ensure quality of life for your family member with a disability, now and when you are unable. Our Comprehensive Life Planning strategy is designed to make planning for your family member's disability as simple as possible. It will help answer many of these questions and more.

There are four major components necessary in developing a Comprehensive Life Plan for you and your family.

They are:

  • The Life Plan
  • The Legal Plan
  • The Financial Plan
  • The Plan Management

Life Plan

This involves a written plan as to your future dreams and hopes for the person with a disability. Include all areas of life such as medical care, education, housing, employment, social and all other aspects of life for your family member with a disability. Having this information written down will make for a smoother transition of care when the time comes.

Legal Plan

This requires an attorney that is familiar with disability planning and would include wills that would exclude, by name, the person with a disability. The other document would be a Supplemental Needs Trust which would hold all assets for the person with a disability and would be disbursed by the trustee that you had chosen. You would also name successor trustees and guardians/conservators.


The next situation to be handled is to determine how much money will be needed for the family member with a disability? Where will it come from? How will it integrate with my retirement and other financial plans?

Plan Management

After you have completed these steps, you should review this plan with your selected successors. Have a specific file where you will be keeping everything needed to settle your estate and tell your successors where this information is located. Review your plan annually with professionals to assure yourself that the plan is still going to accomplish what you envision.

After all this is done you can relax. You have done everything possible to assure a quality of life for your family member with a disability.